Nowadays getting the top spot in Google search for specific keywords can be considered as a huge asset. Some even consider it worth around a million dollars. This number is based on the influence and benefits of being in the top spot. Add to that the difficulty of acquiring that rank, notwithstanding the competition involved, one can truly say that it is worth a million bucks. With the updates of Google algorithm in the previous years, you can no longer spam your articles with keywords to trick Google into putting you in the top spot. On top of that, the search engine keeps on regularly updating its parameters in choosing the best content. It is constantly changing so it will give the best user satisfaction when it comes to results.

Although it is relatively more difficult to get to the first page now, that doesn"t mean that it is impossible. It only means that you need to change your game such as focusing more on what your customers interested in or want.

Know More About Current SEO: National Audiences vs. Local

search engine optimization companyOne of the most important aspects of SEO today as a digital marketing strategy is to understand that there are local and national audiences. The main search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google take into account the user"s location when providing search results. This means that if a user searched “jacket sales," aside of the results from national brands, the user would get some results from local stores if there are shops that used SEO strategy in the area.

Seach engine companies know that users don"t always search products to shop online, or to buy national brands online. That is why local shops are also included in results if the user included terms like “near me." This means that strategies should be varied depending on a business" target audience. As a business owner, you need to use different tactics if you have both local and national audience.

Tips to Improve your Local and National Search Ranking

It is strategic to use local and national SEO because they both use almost the same ranking parameters. There might be differences in average cost of seo services. Due to regular updates of search engine algorithms, it is difficult for small companies to keep up with bigger companies in national SEO.

Based on research from different marketing firms, the major ranking factors are the following.

  • Use competitive keywords related to your industry.
  • Regularly post new and high-quality content about your business. -Use terms related to local places, cities, landmarks, etc.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Otherwise, Google will penalize it. -Link to other sites and let other sites link back to yours.
  • Link your articles to your website"s root pages.
  • Use the right code attributes such as the meta descriptions, alt tags, unique titles, etc.

With the changes done by search engine companies, it is more difficult to strategize SEO now than a few years ago. However, using the following guidelines from Tampa SEO firm, your website will be on the right track. If you think about it, these website attributes should be done even without SEO because they will make your site more organized and interesting to your visitors. Not focusing on website"s quality will mean fewer visitors and interactions.

Use both strategies if possible, if not, focus on local SEO

seo servicesIf your company has a huge marketing budget, compete in National SEO. However, for smaller companies, it is better to focus on local SEO. If you are not competing well with national search results, but rank in the first page for local business, your business will survive. Some attributes only affect local SEO but don"t have much impact on national SEO.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the recent metrics for ranking even if you hire search engine optimization company for your website. Also, if you noticed that the company don"t follow these guidelines, you know that something is amiss.

Don"t assume that every digital marketing firm knows the latest ranking factors unless they specialize in SEO.

With the current number of internet users, SEO will become more important in the future since search engine companies will keep on updating their algorithm so that their search engines will choose the best website that satisfies their user"s intentions. Companies both small and large needs to continue updating their site with the latest SEO principles otherwise they will be left behind.

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